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In this article, your local Greenville chiropractor describes some of the techniques used in the office.


At the Gormley Clinic of Chiropractic, we utilize the “Gold standard” method in chiropractic. Our five-step analysis process ensures the highest quality of patient care and accuracy at each visit. We begin by analyzing your spine utilizing a highly sensitive temperature recording instrument. This instrument detects the presence of heat and inflammation which can indicate nerve pressure and nerve interference. The readings will show whether or not misalignment’s in your spine exist, where they exist if they're being corrected, and when the correction is complete. Instrumentation takes the guesswork out which leads to better results and faster relief for the patient.


Static and motion palpation is feeling and evaluating the movement of the bones of a joint. Palpation is applied to the spine to determine whether or not a vertebra is moving normally. Palpation assesses the mechanical function of the joints and supporting tissues. Palpation provides a backup system for both instrumentation and x-ray and serves to confirm the location of the misalignment as well as substantiate how it is misaligned.

X-Ray Analysis in Greenville

We utilize x-ray imaging to determine the direction of the misalignment. X-ray analysis is a detailed process of carefully analyzing full spine x-rays that help determine the strategy for the specific spinal correction. In order to render a complete chiropractic service to our patients, it is necessary to x-ray the entire spine. We regard the patient totally in our analysis and corrective procedures. We understand the spine to be a dynamic architectural structure, with no part of it mechanically or functionally independent of the rest.


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