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My name is Dr. Michael Gormley and I have spent over 7 years in the healthcare/chiropractic profession. I am a graduate of Sherman Chiropractic College right here in Spartanburg SC.

I am a certified Gonstead Specific Chiropractor and Instructor. I am most passionate about helping people to function better, to heal better, and to feel better through specific chiropractic care and I have been blessed to have been able to speak to and help hundreds of people regain their health and vitality.

Chiropractic is defined as a healthcare discipline based off the recuperative powers of the body and its ability to heal itself without invasive drugs or procedures.

It focuses on the relationship between structure (your spine) and function (as coordinated by the brain and central nervous system), and how this relationship impacts your ability to function and heal properly.

We check this relationship by specifically analyzing your spine for a degenerative condition called “subluxation”.

This is a medical term that means that there is a bone or bones out of place in your spine that is putting pressure on a nerve or nerves, therefore reducing the bodies’ ability to heal and function. This degenerative condition can cause all kinds of different types of symptoms including but not limited to pain in your back or neck, headaches, headaches and migraines, Shoulder and knee pain, carpal tunnel and other wrist pain issues, plantar fasciitis, TMJ, sciatica to immunity, digestive, reproductive and other systemic dysfunctions and conditions.

The idea is that body is in harmony when every part of that body is working for the greater good of every other part and when this occurs health and vitality are maximized.

So, the body is actually greater than the sum of its parts when it is functioning and healing as it should, free from nerve interference.

We aim to correct the cause rather than chase symptoms.

People are not just coming to us for the adjustment, they are coming here to find the root cause of their problems and to get them corrected.

The essential difference with us when compared to basic chiropractic services, is our focus of analysis and the correction towards your primary biomechanical dysfunction.

Or in other words…we find the cause, we fix it, and then we leave you alone allowing you to heal.

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